I have been shooting weddings for about six years. I got my start working with my good friend Max of Max Caven Photography. Learning to second-shoot for him and doing video work through his business allowed me to expand my confidence, make mistakes, and evolve my style. Today, I work for myself by telling stories and capturing special moments through video.

I'm a big believer in life-long learning and I am always trying to improve my craft. I believe that everyone has something to teach you, and every mistake is an opportunity for progress. Creativity is, and always has been a central theme of my life. Up until I picked up a camera for the first time, drawing and painting were my primary creative outlets, and having a background rooted in these more traditional art forms has benefited me a lot as I've made the transition to video as my primary artistic medium.

When I'm not working, I am usually spending time with Natalie and our twin boys, Arthur and Stanley.